I am an artist and graphic novelist. I started drawing back in 2009 when I was feeling bored working in advertising as a copywriter. My first drawings have been about documenting daily life with friends at my workplace and my surroundings. I have published 2 graphic novels with the personal purpose to come to terms with my childhood (in communist Romania) and my battle with isolation, depression and anxiety in modern Romania.  I have been invited to feature in local art exhibitions and I've fulfilled various commission work and I have also illustrated for various publishers on societal, political, and mundane topics.

My artistic aim is to portray human emotion, seen through an unfiltered biographical lens and thus portray Zeitgeist and societal issues with a non judgemental attitude. I am currently experimenting with colour and various mediums to add more impact to my line drawing.  Also, I believe that the separation between illustration versus art, commission work versus personal expression, does not really hold true and I've set on a journey to soften these boundaries.


Graphic Novels:

Home Alone - graphic novel

The year of the Pioneer - graphic novel



Re:public Stockholm

Petrie Magazine London


Casa Jurnalistului

Decat o Revista


Time Capsule

Romanian Papergirl



Gradual Decline - Andreea Chirica and Razvan Ion - Visual Kontakt Cluj, 2018

Why go outside when everything happens inside my head - solo show - Creart, 2018

WAR OF WORLDS - Centrul de arta Mora, group exhibition, 2017

International Comic Festival Bucharest 2017

Flow - group exhibition - Talent Garden, Palatul Universul, 2017

Fete de fete - group exhibition, Apollo11, 2017

Femei pe Matasari - group exhibition, Kube Musette Galery,

2017 Shrinking City - group exhibition, MNAC Bucharest, 2016

"Strazi cu cantec din Bucuresti" project - BD exhibition , Muzeul Bucurestiului, 2016

ComiXConnection- itinerant exhibition- Berlin, Bucharest, Cluj, Zagreb 2014

Comicon Barcelona 2013

Comicon NewYork 2012



I am self-represented and I take clients on a regular basis. Ask me about my availability (and anything else):